Exploration week

During this week, various practical workshops are organized to complement our training as future doctors.

Among these are workshops on sutures, basic nursing techniques, CPR and basic life support, auscultation, cardiology…

Alternatives to the MIR (Residency in Spain)

Since the beginning of the Medicine degree, the importance of the MIR as a professional path is emphasized.

However, there are many alternatives to the MIR. During these sessions, you can learn about them all and better plan your future career.


December 1st (1D)World

December 1st is celebrated as World AIDS Day.

AVEM joins this day by organizing awareness campaigns on social networks and information points at various locations in the city of Valencia.


Health Fair /
World Health Day (DMS)

The World Health Day (DMS) is the event organized by AVEM that involves the most participation. It takes place around April 7th (World Health Day) in Plaça de la Verge de Valencia.

Throughout the day, medical students and other health science degree students organize informative stalls, activities, games, and dynamics to educate the general public about the importance of being actively involved in caring for and maintaining their health.


Volunteering Days

During these days, you can participate as a volunteer in one of the projects of NGOs in the city of Valencia: beach cleaning, accompanying elderly people, or distributing food to the homeless.

In this way, we promote the social and human aspect of future doctors.


Happy Meal

Happy Meal is held every Wednesday afternoons by AVEM. It consists of a gathering to eat among the different members of the Board of Directors and the members.

It’s a space to chat, make new friends, help, and give advice about the Medicine degree, etc. It earns 0.25 points.

Additionally, on special occasions, we celebrate themed Happy Meals inspired by the food of a specific country, such as Mexico, or a particular time of the year, like Christmas.

During these Happy Meals, both the Board of Directors and the members bring food and even clothing related to the theme. You can’t miss them!