What do exchanges include?


The exchange programs managed by AVEM have a duration of four weeks.

The program includes accommodation and meals throughout the month in which they take place, as well as a socio-cultural program that allows the student to get to know the host city up close.

Requirements to go on an exchange

Any student of the Medicine degree at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of the Universitat de València can apply for one of the places offered by AVEM.

In order to apply for clinical exchanges (SCOPE program), the student must be enrolled in the third year or higher of the degree, while in research exchanges (SCORE program), participation is possible from the first year.

The exchange placement is obtained during the exchange auction that takes place at the beginning of the academic year or throughout the year in any remaining exchange spots.


The official language used during exchanges is English or the language of the host country.

AVEM offers English language certificates recognized by a large number of countries participating in this exchange program.